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Recipe Review: Coffee Cake Banana Bread

Spoiler Alert: It's delicious!!

I found this recipe from following the wonderful @peanutbutterpluschocolate on Instagram and then wandering on over to her site. She serves up some healthy, indulgent, and absolutely delicious recipes.

This coffee cake banana bread has become an absolute staple in my baking rotation. I also have made it for my neighbors who ate it in 2 days. Yes people, its that good!

I mean just look at that!

This recipe was extremely easy to prepare.

I had all the ingredients on hand and just had to wait a day or two for my bananas to really ripen up. In terms of preparation it was simple, I prepared the dry ingredients slightly ahead of time. While the oven heated up I worked on the wet ingredients, mixing, etc.

I think the real stars of this bread are that cinnamon swirl in the middle and the crumble on top. That swirl is just the perfect touch of cinnamon spice to balance the sweetness of the bread. The crumble is nice and toasty which contrasts with the softness of the bread. Ah, seriously guys it's just perfection. Go try this out!

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