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It existed before COVID-19

People have been isolating themselves for a very long time. The chronically ill, disabled, and elderly communities have dealt with this issue with little to no notice from the world.

Have you ever spent weeks or months at a time confined to your house? How about primarily one room? I have. No major news outlets bothered to write articles on how to cope with that. I didn't get a choice in the way my health developed. I didn't get a choice when I stopped working, quit school, stopped being friends with people, or stopped going out. Was I upset? Of course. Did I get over it? I had to.

If you are reading this and you are a healthy individual in isolation because of COVID-19. You're going to be fine. You aren't losing opportunities, friends, your health, or your life. You are simply being asked to stay put and while you think that is hard, it's really not. The effects you will experience are short term.

True isolation doesn't look like that. It doesn't have as many coping strategies, pillars of support, or recognition from the mass majority. It is a 'potentially' life long problem with long-lasting effects on both mental and physical health, as well finances and education. Maybe take the time to think about people stuck in that type of isolation. We matter too.

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