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Billie: Shaving Subscription Box Review

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Finally a razor that works AND comes to my door

Billie is one of the many new shaving subscription services that has come about in the last few years. I mean why go to the store and buy an expensive but crappy razor when one can be delivered to your door, right.

This is in no way sponsored by Billie, I am just sharing my experience with their product that I purchased.

Price Point: $

The starter kit which contains your handle, magnetic holder, and two cartridges only costs $9. So right from the start Billie beats out any drug store brand in terms of value. When you need refill cartridges you choose the frequency at which they are shipped, refills are also $9. There is the option to skip, change, or cancel your refill at any time. Free shipping always!

Quality: Excellent

I chose the coral handle, there is 5 different color options, so choose your fancy. Each of the shaving cartridges are incased in this wonder aloe shave soap. It creates such a smooth even shave with no razor burn, no irritation. The blades, in my opinion, last much longer than any other brand I have used.

Overall I'm going to keep up with my Billie subscription, it's convenient, a great value, and of way better quality than something I would pick up at the store.

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